We Offer Owner Financing

We offer owner financing with no credit checks required. If you choose this option, we will act as the bank. Once the terms are complete, the deed will be transferred to your name.

Once we reach an arrangement, we will require you to sign a financing agreement that includes automatic monthly payments and a down payment. Keep in mind there is no penalty for paying off early!

Owner Financing vs Cash Price

We offer a discounted price when a buyer is willing to pay the full amount up front.

Owner financing is a great option for investing in properties, especially if you want to lock down a valuable parcel that you don’t have the resources to pay in full yet.

When financing a property with us, the deed will remain in our name until it is paid off. If you would like to build on the property, you would have to wait until the financing terms are complete before you can begin the process of getting building permits, electric, septic, etc.

If you want to finance a property and start building, getting a loan from an outside source might be the best option.

We offer a 14 day money back guarantee on the first payment received unless otherwise described in the purchase agreement. 

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